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About Clash Cloud • Clash of Clans; clan and player statistics collector

What is

Clash Cloud is a game statistics gathering web site for the Supercell® game, Clash of Clans™. This website was created by a player who goes by the alias of Caedmon,from Jedi Academy.

How can I support Clash Cloud?

If you'd like to donate towards the development and server costs of Clash Cloud, please use the PayPal donation button below. Thank you!

What does this site offer?

Historical clan, war and player statistics are automatically available for the top 200 clans and players from each country. Alternatively you can search for a clan by tag using the Clans button , or a player (only if their clan's statistics are being collected) using the Players button . on the top right of the page.

A war planner is also available to keep track of your teammates attacks or assign targets. You can even leave notes on targets, perhaps recommend an army composition for the attack!

How do I start a war plan?

Click on the War button on the top right of the page and enter your clan tag, and the enemy clan tag. The war plan will be assigned a reference code you can give to your teammates so that they can visit this site to view and modify the plan also.

Contact Caedmon – Looking for translators!

There WILL be a contact form here soon for you to send suggestions, bugs you've spotted and so on!

I am also looking for people willing to offer translations (approximately 50 words, phrases on the site which need translating) for the international community. You would be provided full credit on the site with a link to your portfolio as a thank you.